Instructions For Use - Sell The Car Yourself

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Instructions For Use

1. The package with the four "magic pages" is in your hands
Open the envelope and take out the package with the four "magic pages", double sided tapes and pen.

2. Use at least 2 of the 4 "magic pages" you will find in the bag. 
You can also use 3 or even 4 "magic pages" depending on where and how you park your car on the street.
Fill all your vehicle details.

3. Put the "magic pages" on any part of the car you want.
We suggest that you place the double sided sticky pieces on the 4 corners of each "magic page"

4. Park your car in a busy road and we wish you a good and quick sale.

You will notice that on the "magic pages" there are two horizontal dashed lines, one on the top of the page and one on the bottom. 
These can help you as follows: You can fold the "magic page" so that it becomes vertically or horizontally to the car
If you do not want to put the stickers on the 4 corners of the page, you can put just the 2 stickers on the top or the bottom and stick it up the wind screen of your car.
Please see the photos how to do it.

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