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Why And When


Our "magic pages" are useful for you:

1. When you want to sell your car on your own.

2. When you want to quickly draw attention that your car is for sale.

3. When you want to have only serious interest for your sale.

Using our "magic pages" means that wherever you park your car, it will draw the attention to it and people will come closer to see what you write on it. 
The "magic pages" are designed in such a way so that the interested party immediatelly takes all the essential information he/she needs to express his will to purchase your car.
Your car will be sold quickly and effortlessly as you will not have to answer to a lot of questions to your potential buyers on the phone, because all the information will be on the "magic pages"
We will also help you with your sale by advertising for free your car on our facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/sellthecaryourself/), provided that you send us a photo of your car with the "magic page" on the windscreen and the details written on our e-mail: info@sellthecaryourself.co.uk.
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